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Claudio Mankevich was born in Lima, Peru where he studied at the Colegio León Pinelo. Afterwards he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina where he studied dentistry and received his dental degree. Dr. Mankevich practiced dentistry in South America for several years before moving to Miami, Florida in 2000.  He then switched careers, and decided to follow his true passion, photography and the arts.


"Dr. C", as he was nicknamed in Miami, worked in film production for several years with his production company, Ekeko Productions were he produced several international acclaimed photographers. In the film industry, he worked on national television commercial campaigns, including Nike, Mc Donald's, HTC, Budweiser, Burger King, Polo, Lexus, DirecTV and many more in the same caliber.


He then moved to West Palm Beach after marrying his wife, Melisande (who is also a dentist) and reignited his lifelong passion for photography. Claudio has been doing photography since he was a little boy, when his parents gave him his first camera, a Canon A1. He's traveled all over the world, doing nature and landscape shots including the Canary Islands, Hungary, Spain, France, and various countries in South America.


In the past couple of years he has been the official photographer at events held in Palm Beach at the Mar-a-Lago Club, the Beach Club, the Colony Hotel, Café L'Europe, Trevini, and Chez Jean-Pierre. His most recent job was at the Lighthouse Arts Center Opening Reception with renowned collage artist Bruce Helander, who especially liked Claudio's friendly demeanor and professionalism.


He is highly experienced in taking images of events that make you feel like you were there enjoying the evening with everybody else, even if you weren't! He is well-versed in portraits, food compositions as well as step-and-repeats, which are a staple of any Palm Beach event. Some of the local organizations he has worked with are Le Club Intercontinental, the Palm Beach Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, Palm Beach Opera, and Lighthouse Arts Center in Tequesta. His pictures have also been in various publications that are distributed worldwide, such as

"The Gastronome", The Palm Beach Daily News and The Palm Beach Post.


"Dr. C" enjoys photography, traveling, and concocting culinary delights. He currently lives in West Palm Beach, with his wife Melisande, and their two miniature poodles, Dio and Eper.  |  786.246.6219  |


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